Monday, 16 May 2016

Feelings and Faces

We have been talking about our feelings and also looking at photos of ourselves and our facial features. We have been singing songs, making faces on the light table, enjoying stories on the theme and having lots of discussions. 
This playdough activity provided a great platform for play and language and was easy to set up.

I drew a variety of faces on cardboard and laminated them. I drew happy, sad, angry and surprised expressions on the faces of boys, girls, men and women.

I added buttons, rolling pins, garlic presses and cutting utensils.

This man didn't need a body because he was in bed!!!!

I loved the way the children related to the faces, gave the characters names and invented scenarios to reflect their expressions.


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  1. Oh are inspiring me to learn to draw!! They are wonderful faces and I will use this idea this week with my 3's although my faces are not as cute as yours. My groups have been loving putting 'little people' in playdough and this will follow-on beautifully as they can create their own and explore feelings too. Can't wait to try this. Thanks.