Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Easy Activities For Busy Parents

We are on holidays here for another week ....ah so lovely!!  We are having a great time staying in our pyjamas, reading, seeing friends and relaxing after a very busy term.

This week, I thought I would show you some great activities that are perfect for littlies in the holidays or to fill a bit of time on a rainy day. The best thing about these activities is that they take a few minutes to set up and they will keep the children busy, while providing many wonderful learning experiences. Just perfect for busy parents!!

1. Pushing matchsticks into styrofoam. As well as being a great fine motor activity, this can help children with counting, colours, patterns and turn taking.

2. Draw a quick road map. Get your child to help draw and design particular features that are relevant to them. A great language activity that allows your child to explore their creativity and role play different scenarios.

3. Sorting According to Colour. These IKEA plates and bowls are not only perfect for eating off but they are perfect for sorting items onto. This is another wonderful fine motor activity that reinforces colours, counting and sorting.

4. Sand Pit Counting
Write numbers on disposable cups and spoons for your child to have fun in the sand pit. This activity can help children recognise numbers while making some marvellous and imaginative mud creations.

5. Threading straws. These bubble tea straws make perfect beads for threading when cut into small pieces. They are just the right size for little fingers. Children can make snakes, necklaces, bracelets or mobiles with these straws. This simple activity enables children to make patterns, recognise colours, practice their counting and is a wonderful fine motor activity. 

Or..... If you are three, you can think of other fun uses for the straws.....

Happy holidays...
Until next week, Niccola

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  1. These are all great ideas! We have never tried #1. It looks like fun....we will have to try it. Thanks for linking up at #made4kids! Hope you will join us tomorrow night for another great party!