Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cutting Station

When teaching my class of three year olds to use scissors I always start with lots of pre-cutting activities and build up to cutting playdough and spaghetti. I begin by focusing on holding the scissors correctly and being able to manipulate the scissors correctly. Once they have mastered this and we have discussed using scissors safely and what is appropriate to cut ( not hair!!!! ) I move on to snipping. This is a lot of fun as you don't have to worry about staying on a line, just snipping something into little pieces. This week we have had a lot of fun snipping at our Cutting Station.
I set up our Cutting Station in our water trolley.
Firstly, I tied six pairs of scissors to the water trolley.

I then put out a variety of items that the children could randomly snip into little pieces....straws, strips of cardboard, strips of paper, wool and crepe streamers in bowls.

After a quick revision on using scissors correctly we began snipping....and snipping.....and more snipping..

The water trolley was fantastic because all of the mess was contained.

The children absolutely loved this activity. You should definitely give it a go.


  1. What a great station!! Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday this week!

  2. I like this idea so much!!
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