Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Number Sensory Activity

Sensory play provides so many wonderful benefits for young children and is definitely a favourite activity in my classroom. The children particularly love it when I fill containers with rice and add spoons, scoops, pouring vessels and funnels. They could spend hours pouring and transferring rice from container to container, letting the rice gently fall through their fingers and filling containers.

We are trying to learn and identify the numbers from 1-10 at the moment and I always looking for interesting ways to engage the children. As sensory play is one of their favourite activities and appeals to all children, I thought this was a perfect way to learn and revise the numbers 1-10.

I wrote the numbers on table tennis balls, on plastic spoons and in the bottom of an egg carton. (I included the numbers 11 and 12 since I was using an egg carton)

The children tried to pick up the balls with the corresponding spoon and place it in the egg carton. Some children used their hands to move the balls, some children were more interested in playing with the rice and counting spoonfuls of rice, but all children were engaged, interested and having fun while learning.

Enjoy you sensory play!!!!

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