Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Number Bingo for the Light Table

I love the light table in my classroom. It has so many uses and it honestly draws the children in and holds their attention. I try to change the way in which I use it, so that the outcomes and intentions are varied.
This is an idea for number bingo that can be played at the light table.

Firstly, make your boards. Mix up the numbers so that they are not in order. This will make it a little more challenging for the children. Use a combination of cellophane and paper and laminate them. By using cellophane, the light will shine through and create a fabulous effect.

Make your dice or use a large foam dice for the bingo game. I made the dice by cutting out cellophane circles and laminated them to create each side of the dice. I joined the sides of the dice with washi tape.

To play the game you will also need some Perspex counters or plastic bottle tops like I have used.
The children take turns to throw the dice. Once they have identified the number of dots on the dice they then have to match the corresponding number on their Bingo card and place a counter on that number.  When they have covered every number on their bingo card, they call BINGO and they are the winner.
This is a great game for young children who are learning their numbers. It requires counting, number recognition, sharing, turn taking and communication. 

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  1. What a fun way to learn numbers! Thanks for sharing via Family Fun Friday.