Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Stockings!!

Stocking Wrapping - 
I love brown paper as you know. I love it for drawing on, painting on, wrapping tasty goodies, making cards and for presents. This year, instead of wrapping all of our Christmas presents with brown paper and doilies, we decided to make some very cute brown paper Christmas stockings.

We printed the recipients name on the side with white paint....

We cut out the stocking to accommodate the gift.....

We decorated the paper stocking with patterns and doilies...

We wrapped the gifts and put them inside the stockings....

Very cute hey!!

Printing Fabric Stockings - 
At school, the three year olds printed hand prints to make Santa faces with fabric paint on red fabric. They then used a fabric marker to draw Santa's face on their hand print.

On the rest of the stocking they printed dots using a foam stamp and white fabric paint.

A LOVELY mother from the class brought her sewing machine in and sewed up the childrens stockings into amazing keep sakes for the children.

We painted a lovely fire place and mantle and proudly hung our stockings in the home corner. They looked so festive and beautiful.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE !!! I hope you have a happy, safe and beautiful Christmas with all of your loved ones.
Niccola xx

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