Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Outdoor Music

Musical Tree:
I often put musical instruments outside for the children to experiment with and to make as much noise as they like, which always proves to be a noisy and valuable learning experience. This time however, I thought I would hang various tambourines and bells from the branches of a tree at various heights. The children used wooden spoons, cardboard cylinders and their hands to make our musical tree sing! I hung some instruments quite high so that even the tallest 3 years old needed to jump to ring the bells!

Some of the instruments used to hang from the tree branches.

Musical Pots and Pans

Easy Shakers:

The children painted paper plates with patterns and pictures and set them to dry. I folded the plate in half and stapled around the bottom. The children filled their shakers with a variety of pasta and beans (A great fine motor activity). I then stapled the top of the shaker closed and attached some streamers. 

Let the music begin...


  1. Cute ideas! We pinned this to our Summer Playschool Music board! Thanks for sharing this with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday! Hope to see you again next week! http://likemamalikedaughter.blogspot.com/search/label/Eco-Kids%20Tuesday

  2. I love these! And the shakers are a great idea! I love that you let the kids decorate the outside. I'm pinning this!