Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Traffic on Tuesday

The playdough table was a favourite spot with everyone today. I made some roads out of black rubbish bags and stuck them to the table. I used white tape to mark the centre lines and added cardboard tubes with recycled green material to make trees and lots of coloured bottle tops to use as wheels. Beautiful purple playdough was then used to create a variety of vehicles. The children used wooden pegs and markers to make people to drive in our cars and buses. They loved this activity and created soo many different play situations. The only problem they had was working out how to physically move the playdough buses filled with passengers along the road.

Before the children arrived.

Some lovely passengers!

A bus in the woods.

The trees that were no longer needed at the playdough table became princesses in the block area.

Week 2 of our beans and sprouts. We are sending them home now so that they can continue growing them at home.

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