Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Mixing black and white paint to make lots of shades of grey provided a lot of interest and painting on newspaper was far more interesting than painting on plain white paper! We used our farm animals, African animals and pet plastic animals as inspiration to paint some master pieces. Lots of great language was used and new words like 'Dalmatians' were learnt. It was a challenge for the children to wear black and white clothing but proved to be very easy for the adults, unlike some of the other colours.

As I had so much fun with the black and white theme I suggested that my daughter use the same theme for her birthday party. It was really effective and I couldn't believe how creative her friends were with their outfits and how beautifully they wrapped their gifts in keeping with the theme.

Black and white party ideas...

Black and white mugs filled with black and white treats as take home gifts.

Black and white treats to eat.

Black and white day at school...

Black playdough with silver glitter and plastic spiders.

Counting googly eyes.

Matching and counting legs for our black cats.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all those fun black and white activities. I particularly like the black play dough spider web. I am keen to try it with my son.