Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Shell Memory Game

Here is a lovely natural version of a memory game. Instead of using cards, I have written on shells which adds a tactile element.
This fits in well with what we are doing because at the moment we are looking at the beach and Summer and looking at numbers.

Firstly you will need to collect your shells.

Write your numbers on the shells with a permanent marker.

Lay your shells down in a sand tray.

Turn the shells over so the children can't see the numbers.

Get the children to turn over two shells. If they match they take them and put them aside.

Get the children to name the numbers as they turn each shell over.
Continue turning over the shells until they have found all of the pairs.

The beauty of these shells is that you can use them in the water trolley, on the wonder table, in the block area to reinforce numbers.
Have a go at making your own memory game.

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  1. Great idea. Love the beautiful shells and use of items from nature. Great tactile addition to a classic game. Found on Family Fun Friday, Abi at joyinmykitchen.com