Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Number Cookies

We all know that cooking or baking with children can be a very rewarding and educational experience.

Baking is filled with so many wonderful learning experiences and sharing the result is pretty delicious too! My children and I love baking together and have done since they were tiny. This recipe is an old favourite.

Listed below are just some of the learning experiences that occur when you bake with your child.
Reading and language skills ...reading, talking, describing, sequencing ..
Maths and science skills ....measuring, observing, counting ..
Motor skills ...mixing, rolling, kneading, pouring ...
The list goes on...turn taking, tasting, experimenting, sharing...

Both of these maths based baking activities use the same basic biscuit recipe. It is a recipe that can be altered to incorporate different flavours and it is great because you can use cookie cutters and the biscuits hold their shape.

Number cookies pops
Children need to identify the number on the pop stick and count out the correct number of sultanas or chocolate chips to decorate that cookie. 

Number shape cookies
Once you have cut out the numbers with cookie cutters, ask the children to identify the number, count the correct number of chocolate chips or sultanas and push them into the cookie.

Not only are both of these activities very easy to do and yummy to eat- the learning experience lasts for days. Each time your child has a cookie, encourage them to identify the number they are eating.

Happy baking x

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  1. What a wonderful way to learn numbers! Thank you for sharing via Family Fun Friday.