Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Printing Angels

Tomorrow is our last day at school and we have made some beautiful gifts to give to the parents tomorrow for Christmas.
This year we printed with fabric paint on lovely cream linen tea towels to make Angels.

I have used this foam board before and explained that you can use any polystyrene tray to make impressions on.

After making the patterns or impressions on the foam board with a pen, you roll paint over the top and print onto the tea towel.

I then painted the childrens hands with gold fabric paint and they carefully placed them on the sides of the Angels bodies to create wings.

I think this is a simple, effective and useful gift that hopefully the parents will love.

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  1. This is very sweet! I love the idea and I think it would make such a nice gift for Christmas. My grandmother LOVES angels and it just so happens that I had no idea what to do/get her. Maybe the kids can give her something like this. :)

    -Erica @ Jisforjosiah.blogspot.com